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2009.36.538 N&W.jpg
N&W 611 J on 'The Cavalier' passing 578 E2 on the 'Norton Local' in Bluefield, West Virginia, April 27, 1958

VGN model.jpg
Digital photo of a diesel train painted in VGN colors for model railroad layout

n&w merger nyt.pdf
New York Times article detailing possible N&W/VGN merger

2009.36.477 Virginian.jpg
Virginian 109 EL-30 in Princeton, West Virginia, March 21, 1959

coal mining equip.jpg
A coal miner's lunch pail, coal miner's hard hat with lamp, and self-contained self-rescue device.

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rail tongs.jpg
Cast iron rail tongs

coal mines.jpg
Photograph of a map showing coal mines in the Hinton Division of the New River District

Two rail passes from the Virginian Railway for relatives of VGN employees. One for Mrs. W.H. Shepherd and daughter Gladys from 1923, one for Mrs. J.S. Gravely and son J.S. Jr.from 1933.

slab fork model.jpg
A model from the museum's model railroad layout depicting the transportation of coal on the Virginian route.

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