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VGN model.jpg
Digital photo of a diesel train painted in VGN colors for model railroad layout

n&w merger nyt.pdf
New York Times article detailing possible N&W/VGN merger

2009.36.477 Virginian.jpg
Virginian 109 EL-30 in Princeton, West Virginia, March 21, 1959

rail tongs.jpg
Cast iron rail tongs

coal mines.jpg
Photograph of a map showing coal mines in the Hinton Division of the New River District

slab fork model.jpg
A model from the museum's model railroad layout depicting the transportation of coal on the Virginian route.

2009.36.285 Virginian 0-8-0 8-1932.jpg
3.5"x5" black and white photo showing a VGN SA class 0-8-0 in Roanoke, Virginia in August 1932.

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