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The Virginian Railway

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VGN 0-8-0 (2009.36.285)
3.5"x5" black and white photo showing a VGN SA class 0-8-0 in Roanoke, Virginia in August 1932.

VGN Rail Passes (L2015.1.11)
Two rail passes from the Virginian Railway for relatives of VGN employees. One for Mrs. W.H. Shepherd and daughter Gladys from 1923, one for Mrs. J.S. Gravely and son J.S. Jr.from 1933.

Coal Mines in New River District
Photograph of a map showing coal mines in the Hinton Division of the New River District

Rail Tongs (L2015.5.7)
Cast iron rail tongs

Coal Mining Equipment
A coal miner's lunch pail, coal miner's hard hat with lamp, and self-contained self-rescue device.

VGN 109 EL-30 (2009.36.477)
Virginian 109 EL-30 in Princeton, West Virginia, March 21, 1959
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